We are all creatures of habit in one way or another. Although I don't consider myself obsessive, I have a number of habits that I stick to religiously:
  • I always sleep on the right side of double beds - even if the other side is unoccupied.
  • I can't stand poorly stacked plates, etc. in the dishwasher and will always rearrange them. 
  • I always take water with me on a run, no matter what the season or the temperature. 
  • After a run, I always stretch my calves, then my quads, then my hamstrings, always starting with the right side.
  • I feel somehow naked if go outside without wearing a cap. Except when going to official or business appointments,when it feels perfectly normal.
  • I drink three cups of coffee a day; two in the morning, one after lunch.
  • I always add a shot of liquid caramel and some vanilla extract to my second cup of coffee of the day. But never to the first.
  • Unless I'm changing, I always take off my trousers, pants and socks together.
  • When undressing for bed, I always place my wedding ring inside my bracelet on the night stand. When I still wore an earring, I would place that inside the ring. 
  • I always carry my keys in my left trouser pocket and my phone in my right pocket, where I always keep a paper tissue, mostly used.
  • As a remnant from the time we lived in the States and were six hours "behind" Europe, I check my e-mail on my phone before getting out of bed every morning.
  • After showering, I always dry my face first, before moving on to my hair, back, arms, front, groin, bum, legs and feet. In exactly that order.
  • I always walk around the apartment naked and dress within view of the buildings opposite, even though I know people can see me. My neighbour has even commented that we effectively live in each other's apartment, though I refuse to take the hint.
  • I wear my watch on my right wrist rather than my left, as most other people do.
  • I also dress to the right. Don't ask me why.
  • I always put my left lens in first. I also remove that one first
  • For a while, I would systematically blow a raspberry just before sneezing - all in the same breath, of course (and it's not easy!). Until it drove my wife crazy.
  • And when wiping my bum, I always ... 
 Never mind.

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  1. I also do the trouser pants and socks in a oner thing and the dressing by the window but dive for cover if anyone passes our house, in a style much liked by Hollywood Movies in shoot outs. I ALWAYS have one cup of coffee in a morning measuring 500 ml of boiling water, 1 tablespoon of unsalted butter 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, 20 seconds (exactly 20 no more no less, my blender has a timer on it) in the blender. I LOVE MY ODD HABITS.


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