A Day In The Life Of An Untrusty Hound - It's A Dogs Life Part 1

I have heard it said (due to the fact I have wozzin' big ears), that "a dogs life" is a bad thing.  I say chish and nonsense to that.  How do I know?  Because I, my bi-pod friends am a dog.  To be more precise, I am a full-fledged, no-nonsense, paws as big as  . . . erm . . big paws, big eared, pointy faced German Shepherd.  I am beautiful, sleek, fluffy and a dream to live with.

I Waged A War On Myself - Now I Am A Peaceful Nation!

Today as I wandered aimlessly with my untrusty hound, I contemplated the differences between me now and young me. I guess the one main point that shines like a Hollywood movie star's mirror is how happy I am being me now, but I really was not all those years ago.