How To Get Your New Kitten To Like You


The joy and excitement that fills our souls, nay our entire being once we book the appointment to go and buy a kitten/cat is tantamount to . . . erm. . . the joy and excitement of booking an appointment to go and buy a puppy/dog, you get the drift.

You roll up to the kitten dealers house; a strange mixture of joy and trepidation hit you.  

What if the people don't like me?
What if they think I'm a cat killer?
What if it were all lies and I am going to be eaten by their insane budgie?

. . . and you thought I was joking!


Don't ask me how, but when I take a certain journey on the underground, I always get lost.

I should perhaps start with a bit of disclosure usually referred to as “full” (although I’m not actually revealing all my innermost secrets, just one of the minor trivialities that make up my persona): I have no sense of direction whatsoever.