All This Positive Thinking And Affirmations Are All Mumbo Jumbo

My world, the little bubble that envelops me, is one where to allow my mind to frequent the negative currents of thought only leads me to a place where illness and unhappiness prevail . . . this is not a place I delight being in. I have seen spatterings of similar thinkings pasted all over social media akin to Banky’s work. You either get it, or you don’t.

You need what?!

The new school year here in France somehow wouldn’t be the same without a long list of back-to-school supplies.

When I was at school, shortly after the invention of the printing press, the only thing my parents had to fork out at the start of the year was a roll of adhesive film to cover my textbooks. Since I went to a comprehensive school, I sometimes had to make do with present-wrapping paper. Or, one memorable time shortly after their divorce, leftover wallpaper.

It somehow brings Monty Python’s ‘Four Yorkshiremen’ sketch to mind: “We was so poor we had to chop down trees ourselves using just our siblings, chew the wood down to pulp between what were left of our teeth, then press it into paper with our bare hands to make our own exercise books. And still teacher would cane us ‘cause the cover were green, not red.”

Yeah, right, Dad

I don’t mind admitting that I’m a bit of an old fuddy-duddy. I’m 50, after all.

Despite my complete lack of understanding of modern youth culture, I do like listening to pop music. It probably doesn’t help that I can’t remember names, although French radio stations rarely bother telling you who or what they are playing. But listening to pop helps relieve the monotony of some of my more mind-numbing chores and makes a refreshing change from the news channels I usually tune into.

Now and again, a song will stick in my head. Or rather, part of it. The lyrics, that is, not my mind.

Such was the case with a song I heard repeatedly this summer, a catchy little number about a woman getting ready to go out for the evening. Her telling of the story would be interspersed with a kind of shouted aside from a backing vocalist; the aforementioned only snippet of the lyrics that lodged itself in my brain: “I don’t take pills!”

The Idiot (thinks) It Is In Charge

You speak your words. 
Yet don’t use your mind. 
You take the lead. 
Yet no-one follows behind. 

You think for others, 
Who are far more capable 
to think for themselves. 

You show them your heaven. 
They see it as their own personal hell. 

You offer your guidance. 
. . . Too close to the cliffs. 
You ask for their hearts. 
So they can be ripped. 

We have all stopped listening 
To your empty promises, your words. 

We have seen through your guise, 
Your falsehoods through your demented verse.

We have cut our strings and set our own course.
You have hurt too many. 
And helped to few. 

Now the only one left in your world


... YOU!


Most mornings, when he first comes out of his room, my 8 year old son finds me wherever I may be in the house. Rubbing his eyes, still clutching the bear blanket lovey he has had since he was born, he only grunts a response to my quiet "good morning."

Then, as is our routine, I sit down and he folds himself into my lap, all angles and bones, and rests there for a few moments, his head resting on my chest. And in that moment, he is as familiar to me as if he were part of me.

The rest of our day, we exist as almost strangers. He's intelligent and curious and prickly and engaging; all boy, full of sports and science experiments. His heroes are Adam and Jamie of Mythbusters. He knows how much TNT is needed to cause a big enough explosion to blow up a cement mixer, what a RPG is. Mom, are you okay if I talk about guns right now? he'll ask me, then proceed to tell me about how a person could save their lives if they just shoot the gun out of the bad guy's hand. He knows the numbers of most every football player in the NFL and what position they play. He hates to read stories, but loves nonfiction.

Bro-Science . . You Really Can Make This Shit Up!!


Let us cut to the chase.  I have a fantastic invention that hit the market last week and is selling like hot cakes . . .healthy ones of course.

How would you like to have 6 pack abs in 2 weeks?

Well here at Ab-U-Like we are now able to buy the latest Abulator II.

The Abulator II actually increases the body's ability to build solid muscle in 28.7 minutes.  It does this by hightening crentallin mesaphotyte production from the adipose tissue, which dissolves fat like soap killing bubbles in your bubble bath (we don't know how that works, I mean bubbles are made of soap so how does soap do it?  Witchcraft is what our scientist believe).

My Body Is Deluded

I have no full-length mirrors in my house as I believe they are the work of the devil and are not to be trusted, much like cameras, they lie.  They lie like a teenager (if you are a teenager reading this stating "I don't lie", I have four words for you fuck off, you liar).  Each time I gaze upon my body in one of these demon spawned contraptions they show me a woman who is in dire need of either owning no mirrors in her house, a job with Michelin as a demo or maybe, just maybe some exercise.

Hug Me or Some Shit

I'm an empath. This is an incredible blessing and a God-damn curse. I feel enough for me and you and the current population of China.

Last week I deployed my husband, saw my special needs son through surgery, said goodbye to my best friend as she moves away, readied and entertained 5 houseguests (while helping my son recover), and then said goodbye to another friend. And my mother fucking dishwasher broke, and I found out my kid's best friend is smoking pot and had to be a hard ass parent about it.

I’m prejudiced. Don’t laugh: You are too.

We all like to think of ourselves as being open-minded, unbiased and non-judgemental, reacting to people and events based purely on their merits. Well excuse my French, but that’s bullshit. 

By his very nature, Man instinctively categorises what he sees in order to make sense of his surroundings and thus define his behaviour. It’s what stops you kissing your boss (except at Christmas parties), throwing out food rather than cooking it, and driving on the left when you’re on the Continent.

Sure, this intrinsic drive to understand our environment is also what leads us to mistake harmless shadows and innocuous noises for monsters come to devour us in our beds. But it’s better to have a few petrified children than mistaking your food for rubbish or having your boss thinking you fancy a shag.

The Joys of Facebook or as I like to put it “Face-Fuckers-Facelesss-Facade-Of-Friends”

Facebook, when I first heard of it in 2009 thought it a brilliant step from “Friends Reunited” in finding and catching up with old chums and past loves from aeons ago. Little did I know this innocent foray into finding folk could end up with me reading and being pulled into some insane, world spread typographical faceless war.  Before I proceed, I have been one of the arseholes I talk about below, for that I humbly and truthfully apologise.  I do, now, try and avoid emotionless jibber-jabber. . . .

#PrayFor[yet another city]

I look forward to the day when we no longer need #prayfor or #livesmatter hashtags any more.

But first we need to get our shit in order.

Weird dream (but aren't they all?)

I think I’ve finally cracked.

This afternoon, sitting in my favourite chair in the lounge, I fell asleep for two hours. That isn’t the reason I think I’ve lost it. I’m sure that many sane people have two-hour naps. Some maybe sleep for longer. Although I suspect the mean is somewhere around 30-60 minutes (with a standard deviation of I can’t fucking remember how to do statistics, you should have asked me that about 30 years ago).

Or is it the median? I never could tell averages, means, modes and medians apart.

Anyway, it was whilst sleeping that I had the weirdest dream.

Shitty Christmas

That Christmas was probably the only one I ever lost weight. And yet it had all started so normally.

We were at my mum's house, and although we hadn't yet reached the pinnacle of Yuletide gluttony – Christmas Day lunch – we had in the previous days each consumed our body weight in biscuits, cake and chocolate, avidly encouraged by my mother, who patently laboured under the misconception that food either hadn't been invented outside her house or simply wasn't unavailable.

Jehovah’s bogeymen

“Excuse me, do you live round here?” the man asked me anxiously.

“I just thought I’d warn you,” he half-whispered, pointing down the street. “The Jehovah’s Witnesses are going door to door.”

I had noticed them, of course; a huddle of six people in plain but smart clothing, the women with modest handbags and flat-soled shoes, the men in cheap, grey suits, earnestly clutching bound bibles or notebooks. Standing by the entrance to a block of flats, I had mistakenly believed them to be waiting for a bible study class, even though it was a Thursday morning. But no, they were much worse. Or so this man thought.

“All it takes is some old, defenceless person, and they’ll get them to sign anything!” he said dramatically, his eyes fixed on the innocuous group standing patiently outside the building.

Anything but AZERTY

I recently had the dubious honour of attempting to use a French keyboard. And by “recently” I mean today. I am now, in fact. And by “attempting” I mean “failing miserably”. And by “dubious” I mean that it was neither a genuine honour nor of my own volition.

You see, my cherished laptop is about four years old, and in this micro-lifecycle era that's ancient. Deciding its time was up, it threw in the electronic towel the other day, thus forcing me to buy a new one. I would happily have continued using it for many more years, but it suddenly refused to start one day, which rather settles the matter in the manufacturers’ favour. 

How To Get Your New Kitten To Like You


The joy and excitement that fills our souls, nay our entire being once we book the appointment to go and buy a kitten/cat is tantamount to . . . erm. . . the joy and excitement of booking an appointment to go and buy a puppy/dog, you get the drift.

You roll up to the kitten dealers house; a strange mixture of joy and trepidation hit you.  

What if the people don't like me?
What if they think I'm a cat killer?
What if it were all lies and I am going to be eaten by their insane budgie?

. . . and you thought I was joking!


Don't ask me how, but when I take a certain journey on the underground, I always get lost.

I should perhaps start with a bit of disclosure usually referred to as “full” (although I’m not actually revealing all my innermost secrets, just one of the minor trivialities that make up my persona): I have no sense of direction whatsoever.