All lies

You lie. All the time. I know you do.

You sound nice and friendly and sociable and relaxed. You make all the right noises, all the right faces. But that's not you. It's all lies. All a fa├žade.

You're not a nice person. Not someone people can like, respect, honour, look up to. 

You're sick. Perverse. Angry. Twisted. You're not a good parent, not a good spouse. Not a good person.

You lie, you cheat, think nasty thoughts, thoughts that would shock were I ever to reveal them.

And why? Because you're a failure. Because you're disappointed, frustrated, raging at the world, yet impotent to change either yourself or your situation.

You used to be passionate, funny, great to be with. Now you and your world are grey, overcast, humdrum, bland. Beige.

So what now? I'm sure that somewhere inside, somewhere in that closely-guarded vault that protects you against the hurt that is emasculating you, somewhere deep down there is a spark. A glimmer. A glimmer of hope. A glimmer that gives us hope, gives me hope.

For you.

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  1. I happen to know a few people such as these.


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