Day 53,824 of Snowmageddon.

Boston has gotten 72 inches of snow in the past 20 days. There is more in the forecast.

I woke up this morning to see MORE snow coming from the sky.

School has been cancelled for the WHOLE WEEK because there's too much snow on the roof. Apparently it's not SAFE to send kids to a school where the roof might collapse.

Go figure.

It's getting hard to find places to put all the cold white stuff. I shovel the sidewalk in short, angry bursts, tossing snow and curses into the 6 foot banks.

I am suffocating in white, and I'm finding I am homesick for colors.

Blue. Green. Orange. I'd even take yellow at this point. 

What's the sun? Does it even exist? How is it only 10am on a Tuesday? I swear we've been up for DAYS.

There have been no runs since Saturday: my only exercise in the past two days has been shoveling. And more shoveling.

Even worse: I'm out of stout.

I have taken to holing up in the second floor office/spare bedroom, "working." Really I'm playing my Crystal Method pandora radio station, closing my eyes and pretending I'm alone.

In my mind, I am instead on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean. Costa Rica. Seychelles. Reading a book, my toes dug into the sand, sun warm on my face, the breeze of the ocean

Sadly it's a short-lived fantasy as I am interrupted by the sound of the industrial-grade plows outside and my son and the dog jumping around in the living room.

To which I yell, "Go the fuck outside if you need to get energy out!"

"But Mooooooooooooooom, there's too much snow! It's no FUN out there!"

Send help. And beer.

Otherwise I might end up like this.

I'm halfway there already.

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  1. Could you shovel some of that nice, white stuff OUR way? I think we're the only part of France that hasn't had snow. In fact, I nearly wrote a piece entitled "Eleven Reasons Why I Can't Wait For Winter." p.s. Send snow. And beer.


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