All This Positive Thinking And Affirmations Are All Mumbo Jumbo

My world, the little bubble that envelops me, is one where to allow my mind to frequent the negative currents of thought only leads me to a place where illness and unhappiness prevail . . . this is not a place I delight being in. I have seen spatterings of similar thinkings pasted all over social media akin to Banky’s work. You either get it, or you don’t.

I have been asked on many occasions “how does just thinking happy thoughts and doing affirmations change the world? How does it feed a hungry man in India?” My answer is this, I don’t think my positive thoughts to promote hunger, war, hideous crime, unrest or disillusion with the political world, I'll leave that for others.   I keep my thoughts positive for, in my little bubble, it has a butterfly effect. If I smile and emit a happy disposition, those around me are affected by it. Someone suffering from an illness has a small part of themselves lifted albeit for a moment or two, but lifted it is. Someone having a bad day can be given a repreive from the situation by a smile, laugh or positive interjection even at times to the point where just one happy riposte can turn their thinking around to make that day a better one. So off they go happier and, for that day, they, in turn make someone else's life a touch happier . . . now we have 3 people changing 3 other people’s lives and on and on it goes.

This positive thinking is now turning the way other people think and having an effect on the way more people think. So, how does this help others? Because no positive outcome came from an “it can’t be done, it's all shit” mentality.

Another one is: “If this positive thinking shit and affirmations work how come you're not a billionaire! What has it ever done for you”, My answer? Well apart from me being happy, apart from being able to see a way out of negative situations, apart from appreciating every single part of my life, apart from loving my world and all it has to offer, apart from seeing positive opportunities everywhere, apart from knowing that no matter how bad things get by integers I can make them better . . . . . no, it hasn’t given me anything. What has being a doubter and misery done for you?

If I constantly affirm in my mind that a solution will appear to a given problem then a solution appears. If I constantly affirm that I can do something, then I can. On the flip side if let's say, I ride up a hill on my bike and tell myself “my legs ache, I can’t do this, I need to stop, my backpack is way too heavy, this is too hard” then my legs ache too much, I can’t do it and I would stop. However, if I find my thoughts doing this and turn it into “of course I can do this, I just need to push a bit harder, I just need to get myself to the top and it’s all downhill from there, I can feel the energy careening through my body from this bike ride, I’ve got this, I am so powerful, this heavy pack is making me stronger” guess what . . . I get to the end of my journey fuelled rather than drained. Yes, I have tried this out to see if it makes a difference, and yes it does.

As with life, we can go through it doubting, hating, naysaying, listening to the bull shittery OR we can turn off the TV, close the newspaper, walk away from the haters and deal with the one thing in our lives that can make all the difference to ourselves, our work, our abilities, those around us  and that is our happiness and our ability to tell ourselves we can, we love, we appreciate etc. We can sit quietly, turn the noise off in our own thoughts and think of positive outcomes. Our lives, our choice.

Live by design and not by default.

Life is full of choices, and my choice is to look for the good, positive and happy and allow myself quiet times of no mind, where everything just quietens down and allows the solutions to be heard.

End Of. 

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