Bro-Science . . You Really Can Make This Shit Up!!


Let us cut to the chase.  I have a fantastic invention that hit the market last week and is selling like hot cakes . . .healthy ones of course.

How would you like to have 6 pack abs in 2 weeks?

Well here at Ab-U-Like we are now able to buy the latest Abulator II.

The Abulator II actually increases the body's ability to build solid muscle in 28.7 minutes.  It does this by hightening crentallin mesaphotyte production from the adipose tissue, which dissolves fat like soap killing bubbles in your bubble bath (we don't know how that works, I mean bubbles are made of soap so how does soap do it?  Witchcraft is what our scientist believe).

Story Of Truth

Meet Victor Machnelle

This was Victor or 'Vic' as he likes to be called, 4 weeks ago.  He was tired, fat, sick and wearing a scarf on his head.

Vic used to be a world class athlete, but in a tragic walking on pavement accident was hit by a reversing truck load of pies and ended up, yes, you've guessed it, hiding his injuries by wearing ill fitting scarves, Borat a-likey glasses and eating pies on a beach.

Vic came to us in sheer desperation and within 3.25 weeks, using the Abulator he turned from fat man to  . . ..



Even though he lost the top half of his head (another tragic accident involving an ill fitting scarf) he now happily wanders around the local Walmart in his budgie smuggler pants, proudly showing the world his refound fit abs and where he stows his smuggled budgies.

Well done Victor!

If you would like the Abulator you can go to our online store Ab-U-like.con and, get in on the action.

We are literally giving them away at GBP£746.54 reduced from USD$987.45.  Get them whilst stocks last!!!

We are also selling

Spot Reduction Therapy
"Carbs Are Only Found in Bread" book by Noodle Chumpman 
"Preacher Curls for Bigger Calves" workout DVD featuring Iva Biggun
Our latest CD "I'm a Vegan Who Does CrossFit  No-One Knows" by Liesalllies

 . . . . . and then like Bobby from Dallas, we woke up.

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