The Idiot (thinks) It Is In Charge

You speak your words. 
Yet don’t use your mind. 
You take the lead. 
Yet no-one follows behind. 

You think for others, 
Who are far more capable 
to think for themselves. 

You show them your heaven. 
They see it as their own personal hell. 

You offer your guidance. 
. . . Too close to the cliffs. 
You ask for their hearts. 
So they can be ripped. 

We have all stopped listening 
To your empty promises, your words. 

We have seen through your guise, 
Your falsehoods through your demented verse.

We have cut our strings and set our own course.
You have hurt too many. 
And helped to few. 

Now the only one left in your world


... YOU!

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