Today's word plucked at random from the dictionary for my diurnal ramble is "jackass."

It's not really. I cheated. The word my finger actually fell upon was "jacaranda," which I know absolutely NOTHING about. Literally nothing. Except that it might be a veranda owned by a bloke called Jack. Or maybe Jacques.

No? Oh well.

So "jackass" it is.

A jackass is someone who does something he shouldn't. Or perhaps oughtn't. Like changing the rules to suit his own ignorance. Or generally doing stupid things. Or simply being an ignoramus. 

"Ignoramus" - now THAT'S a word a person can identify with. It's both long (I count at least four syllables) and pompous-sounding. The sort of thing Prince Charles would say. "Jeeves," he no doubt says. "Would you mind awfully chasing those frightful ignoramuses off my lawn?"

I'm probably an ignoramus. A jackass and an ignoramus. A jackass ignoramus who doesn't even have a clue what "jacaranda" means.

Lord have mercy on me.

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