Winning Euromillions. The Change Being A Millionaire Has Made To Me

I have lived a happy life from the off.  As many a comedy script writer has done, we were indeed so poor that steak dinner meant shaving one steak into tiny thin strips and making it a stir fry for 5.  My clothes weren't so much as hand me downs from my sisters more like heirlooms from generations past.  Let's put it this way, when most people were squeezing into the latest Speedo swimsuits, I was still in knitwear . . you get my drift here.

Never have I actually felt a 'lack of' anything.  I was always fed, clothed and mainly very, very happy.  We all lived in a house not a box and most importantly of all, we were surrounded by love.

As I progressed from little girl to teenager I didn't mind the jibes at how dated my personal stereo was, it was mine, it played my music, I loved it. I just got on with my life.  Having 'stuff' has never been important, being happy has.  In my twenties I just worked, had babies and let life flow over me.

Then things started to change in my forties. I decided that although I was happy, I wanted the happy tickets that allowed me to do the things only money can. I just knew that the ticket I had bought was it, don't ask me how or what I did to make it so, it just was and deep in my core being I knew it.  Bought a Euromillions ticket on the Friday and the following week I had £18.6 million in my bank.

How has having £18.6 million changed my life?  It hasn't really changed me so much as how I perceive life.  Life is on, what I term 'muted turbo'.  I still live in the same rented house,  and still flick along doing the same things but now I'm planning.  I haven't spent a bean of it yet, it's just sitting there in my bank being all big and beautiful. I haven't told my friends or family, well apart from my partner and we have no plans to rush into cities and go to ALL the shops buying a whole heap of crap.  My muted turbo is going on in my head.  I have decided to give my brain 1 year to understand what I have.  1 year to absorb the implications of having this money.  1 year of sitting here only spending the money I earn from doing the job I still do. 1 year to plan exactly what I want.

It is unbelievable how suddenly some companies seem to know.  How they know I have not one clue, but the amount of offers I have had not only on things like cars, houses etc but yachts, private jets. islands (yes my inbox suddenly has a selection of islands I may want)  Yeah, because I was always googling how much a new yacht/plane/island would be.  Doors that were always wedged shut for me suddenly have a strange spring action that when I phone up the companies in question are nearly falling over themselves to help.  Life, it's a funny old thing.  When I had £70 to my name I could only just get by, now, with millions in my bank I am suddenly being given free stuff (that gets sent out straight away to the Salvation Army).

You thought there would be big cars, big houses and madness.  You thought that my whole life would be up on its end and completely different.  No. Not me.  I have been poor and happy.  I have been middle class and happy.  Now I am a multi-millionaire and guess what . . .it hasn't changed a thing I'm still happy.

Right, I'm off now as my bacon sandwich and mug of coffee are ready.  You see, some of the best things in life really have always been so easy to have!

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