I step from the hot sand with scorched feet
You send your hands to entwine in my toes from the ocean deep
Gently caressing, enticing me in.

I wade in further you tantalise my legs,
Lapping round me,
Flicking tendrils of cool water about my thighs
Your waves encircle my hips and waist
You pull me to you.

You wash over my breasts
The apex of your wave stroking up and down my neck
Still, you pull me down further.

My hair glides along in your breath
You touch every millimetre of my skin
Lulling, relaxing.

You push my body to your surface and hold me up
Laughing, pure happiness
Sensuous waves glide over me
Rhythmically we dance together

You tenderly lift me, higher than any mortal man could,
Then release me so I fall back to the ocean floor,
I walk back to the sand,

You know I will return for more.


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