Last Word

Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.  Sure you can do things that may hedge the bets in your favour but at the end of it all, it is just a game of chance.  Such is the life of a gambler...and, no, we ain't talkin' cards or dice here.  We are talking lives.  A life on the line is the ultimate gamble.  Whether it's your own life or someone else's, it all amounts to the same thing.  A life lost is a life lost.  You die and it doesn't matter any more.  You kill someone or are somehow responsible for them losing their lives and you ultimately have to deal with that on your conscience for the rest of your matter how short it may be.

That's why gambling in lives is the ultimate rush.  Once you learn to deal with the guilt there is nothing that can compare to pitting one's own life against another's or, even better, pitting someone else's life against another's.  The reward is life and the punishment is death.  Does death come quick?  I don't even know.  I don't handle that part of the game and I don't ask questions that don't need answers.

It's kind of a gambler's code I suppose.  Only ask the questions that you need to in order to have a better chance at survival.  Don't waste your breath on trivial notions and man made conventions such as time and money.  We do it for the thrill.  There is no glory.  At the end of a life there are no laurels to rest your head on...only a wooden box and a cross sticking out of the ground.
I have had a good run.  Lasted for years.  Gambled and won.  But all good runs come to an end eventually.  Now it's my turn.  I am not fearful of what is beyond.  I know my time has come.  Now you stand there and ask me your one question, "can I have a word from your soul?"


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