Eyebrows: Mirror to the History of the World

"Strong eyebrow game, bro."
But it wasn't always that way.
No, the eyebrow (or purpose thereof) has evolved over time.  Closely linked to key events in human history, the eyebrow has it's own story to tell.  From times of yore to the present, the brows have most certainly reflected the culture and values of the day.
In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth but it wasn't until he proclaimed, "let there be light," that eyebrows became necessary.  At that time man was forced to hunt his prey under an unforgiving and extremely bright sun.  His saving grace was nature's sun visor that perched proudly above his eyes in the form of a magnificent unibrow.  It was that unibrow that allowed humankind to survive and prosper in harsh climates.  Shielding eyes from the sun and providing shade for children to gather under, the eyebrow had made it's stamp on human history.
Slowly the world and the eyebrow evolved together into the industrial age.  Gone was the need for protection from the sun as smoke stacks lined the landscape.  As the need for speed in the workplace grew, the eyebrow lost much of it's bushy weight.  Now was a time based on aerodynamics and functionally keeping sweat from entering one's eyes.  The industrial age brow was adept at keeping the salty sting out of workers' eyes as they sped around their work sites.  Yes, the world was transforming...and so was the eyebrow.  No longer could it shade children or house the local rodentia, but they had still come to prove useful.
As we progressed into the age of technology it was feared that the eyebrow would go the way of the dinosaur or the typewriter or Mel Gibson's career.  With the rising popularity of the baseball cap and the equally rising popularity of staying indoors to play video games, the eyebrow had seemingly become useless and teetered on the edge of extinction.  However, the growing importance of body language and non-verbal cues has thrust the eyebrow back into the limelight.  Once used only to shield the eyes from the sun, the almighty brow has become an integral part of humankind's universal language; a language capable of transcending borders and religions.  In an age where it was feared that communication was hitting all new lows, the eyebrow rose up from the ashes of antiquity, bringing with it language in all of it's facially expressive form.
We don't know for certain what role the eyebrow will play in the future.
We can rest assured that the future will indeed include it.

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  1. Woah, deep shit. I'm now thinking of growing a monobrow. Start the campaign "No To Tweezers".


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