Thursday: a.k.a. Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow, The Day After Tomorrow or, equally often, The Day Before Yesterday.

Thursday: the fourth of seven siblings, Friday's ugly sister, less outgoing than Saturday, but more lively than Monday and less hung over than Sunday, the immediate successor to the least-liked Wednes- or Humpday; the One To Be Overcome.

Thursday: the day we cast our minds back to earlier times the way some people throw back their hair, often with similar insouciance and perhaps ennui.

Thursday: which, thanks to the Vikings, we associate in our language and culture with Thor, the god of lightening, storms, the bearer of an oversized hammer and wearer of an Asterix-like horned helmet in keeping with our stereotypical Celtic barbarian.

Thursday: eight letters, none repeated, yet repeatedly weekly.

What do I have against Thursdays? Nothing. 

And everything.

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